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Message from Archbishop John Wilson
on the Question of Assisted Suicide

Please find here a copy of a letter
from Archbishop John Wilson.
There are various individuals and groups
calling for legislation to enable assisted suicide
through changes in legislation.
Please, read this letter and write to your MPs
to ask them to oppose this dangerous threat
to the dignity and value of human life.
To find your local MP please visit
and enter your postcode.
If you are a constituent of Dulwich
and West Norwood, you can email
our MP, Helen Hayes on
or leave a voicemail on 020 7219 6971.
They can also provide details of when
she is hosting her MP surgery
to give constituents the chance to meet
and speak to her to voice any concerns.

CCTV in operation

Following the advice of the recent
fire and safety report we have installed
the CCTV system on the parish premises.
In the near future we would like to
keep the church open daily
for private prayer. 

Parish Youth Club

We have reopened John Paul Centre
for our Parish Youth Group, which meet
every Friday evening (term time)
from 19.00-20.30 in the John Paul II Centre.
If it will be your first time coming to the group
please complete the parental consent

form here. It is a compulsory consent form
that parents must sign at the beginning
of every school year.
If the consent form is not accessible,
e-mail dulwichyouth@rcaos.org.uk
or speak to Joseph Lyons, Cecilia Gillott,
Fr Bart, if you have any questions. 

New gift aid form online

An online Gift Aid sign-up form,
has been created which Parishioners
can use to sign up to Gift Aid
and Planned Giving within their Parish.
The link for this online Gift Aid sign-up
is here.
Once signed, a notification will be sent
to the Parish Gift Aid Coordinator,
and a copy will go to the Parish email address,
including a PDF of the donor’s declaration.

We are very grateful for your financial support.

New car park policy

Please, find below the new policy
for the use of the church car park.
It can be found here.
Anyone parking on St Thomas More
Church car park agrees to the
parking policy at the same time.
Fr Bart

Preparation for Confession

Confessions are heard in confessionals
on Wednesdays 19.00 – 20.00
and Saturdays 8.30 – 9.30
Links to Examinations of Conscience
you can find below:
Confession leaflet for adults
Confession leaflet for teens
Confession leaflet for children
Several versions of the examination of conscience

Permission to podcast / stream
the music and use of the liturgical texts
in this service obtained from
ONE LICENSE, License 738734-A.
All rights reserved.”

To find the full history
of live-streamed Masses click here.