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5 December – Second Sunday of Advent
Mass sheet

Parish landline down

From Wednesday 1 December 2021
we have temporarily lost
our landline connection due to
the work on the service upgrade.
It should be fixed by
Monday 6 December 12.00 noon.
In the meantime, please use
the parish e-mail to communicate with us.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

Advent and Christmas 2021

During Advent, Confessions
will be heard in confessionals on
Wednesdays 19.00 – 20.00
Saturdays 08.30 – 09.30 and 17.45 – 18.25
and Sundays 11.00 – 11.55

19 December – Fourth Sunday of Advent
15.00 – Christmas Carol Service

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

The plan of Christmas 2021 will be
subject of revision on 18 December.
Where required, booking available
from Monday 6 December at 10.30
via this website and parish office.
All other Masses and celebrations
will take place as usual
and will not require booking.

Please, read below
Where required:
– book via our parish website;
if not possible, call the office
Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
between 10.30 and 16.00,
– book only 1 ticket for 1-2 people
from the same household,
– book only 2 tickets for 4-6 people
from the same household,
– save or print your tickets
as you will be asked to show them
at the church doors,
– come to the church not earlier
than 20 minutes before the Mass starts,
– Booked and not coming?
Please, formally cancel your ticket.

Friday 24 December – Christmas Eve
17.00 – Vigil Mass – socially distanced,
book here
18.30 – Vigil Mass – no social distancing,
no booking needed
20.30 – Vigil Mass – socially distanced,
book here
23.30 – Christmas Carol Singing
no booking needed
24.00 – Shepherds’ Mass – no social distancing,
no booking needed

Saturday 25 December – Christmas Day
08.30 – Mass of Christmas – socially distanced,
book here
10.00 – Mass of Christmas – no social distancing,
no booking needed
12.00 – Mass of Christmas – no social distancing,
no booking needed

The church will close after the 12.00 Mass.
No evening Mass

Octave of Christmas

Sunday 26 December – Holy Family Feast
Usual Sunday Mass times

Monday 27 December – St John Evangelist
09.30 Mass with the blessing of wine

Tuesday 28 December – Holy Innocents
09.30 Mass with the blessing of the infants

Wednesday 29 December – St Thomas of Canterbury
09.30 Mass
Thursday 30 December
09.30 Mass

Friday 31 December – New Year’s Eve
09.30 – Mass
17.00 – Mass and short Adoration
18.30 – Mass and short Adoration

Saturday 1 January and Sunday 2 January
Usual Mass times

Epiphany of the Lord – Thursday 6 January
09.30 – Mass with the blessing of incense and chalk
18.00 – Mass with the blessing of incense and chalk
19.30 – Mass with the blessing of incense and chalk

Honouring Sunday

The Catholic Bishops of England and Wales
have produced the statement
encouraging us to reflect on the importance
of participation in Sunday Eucharist.
In the same time the Sunday obligation
remains suspended.
To read the text of the statement
please, click Honouring Sunday

Synod 2023

The first of our parish consultation
meetings for Synod 2023 has taken place
on Sunday 14 November, 15.00-17.00.
The questionnaire,which
you can download here,
was a foundation of the consultation
and the report you will be able to
find on this website by
Sunday 9 January 2022
Our next parish consultation
Sunday 16 January 2022 at 15.00
in the John Paul Center.
Pastoral Letter of Abp John
can be found here.
Introduction to the synodal way
can be found here.
Frequently asked questions
and answers can be found here.
Our diocesan plan for the preparation
for synod can be found here.

Preparation for Confession

Confessions are heard in the sacristy
on Wednesdays 19.00 – 20.00
and Saturdays 08.30 – 09.30
Links to Examinations of Conscience
you can find below:
Confession leaflet for adults
Confession leaflet for teens
Confession leaflet for children
Several versions of the examination of conscience

Permission to podcast / stream
the music and use of the liturgical texts
in this service obtained from
ONE LICENSE, License 738734-A.
All rights reserved.”

To find the full history
of live-streamed Masses click here.