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Advent and Christmas 2023

3 December – First Sunday of Advent
15.00 – Advent Carol Service

During Advent, Confessions will be heard on
Wednesdays 19.00 – 20.00
Saturdays 08.30 – 09.20 and 17.00 – 17.20

17 December – Third Sunday of Advent
15.00 – Christmas Carol Service,
refreshments afterwards in JPC

Wednesday 20 December
19.00 – Advent Penitential Service
with individual Confessions

Sunday 24 December – Fourth Sunday of Advent
Morning Masses as normal
17.30 – Christmas Vigil Mass
23.30 – Christmas Carols singing
24.00 – Shepherds’ Mass

 Monday 25 December – Christmas Day
08.30 – Mass of Christmas Dawn
10.00 – Mass of Christmas Day
12.00 – Mass of Christmas Day

The church will close after the 12.00 Mass.
No evening Mass

Epiphany of the Lord this year
will be celebrated on Sunday 7 January.
Sunday Masses as usual
with the blessing of incense and chalk.

First Holy Communion

Our parish is organising preparation
for Reconciliation and First Holy Communion
for Catholic children from the parish
who are in Year 3 or older in October 2023.
Application and FAQs Form is available
electronically here in  WORD and PDF version,
and hard copies are available to pick up
from the porch at the back of the church.
Please email your application form to
dulwichfhc@rcaos.org.uk or return it by hand
to the parish office by Monday 27 November.
More information in the Application
and FAQs Form.

New gift aid form online

An online Gift Aid sign-up form,
has been created which Parishioners
can use to sign up to Gift Aid
and Planned Giving within their Parish.
The link for this online Gift Aid sign-up
is here.
Once signed, a notification will be sent
to the Parish Gift Aid Coordinator,
and a copy will go to the Parish email address,
including a PDF of the donor’s declaration.

We are very grateful for your financial support.

New car park policy

Please, find below the new policy
for the use of the church car park.
It can be found here.
Anyone parking on St Thomas More
Church car park agrees to the
parking policy at the same time.
Fr Bart

Racial and cultural inclusion seminar

Commission for Promoting Racial
and Cultural Inclusion chaired by
Canon Victor Darlington organises a seminar
entitled Promoting racial and cultural inclusion
in our parishes, schools and communities.
This will take place at the Amigo Hall,
St George’s Cathedral, Southwark,
on 28 October 2023 from 9.30 to 16.00.
There will be contributions from a range of speakers,
including our Archbishop, John Wilson.
Participation is open to anyone,
free and requires registration
by filling the form here.
For more information e-mail

Parish Youth Club

We currently review the arrangements
for our Parish Youth Group, which will
meet every Friday evening (term time)
from 19.00-20.30 in the John Paul II Centre.
If it will be your first time coming to the group
please complete the parental consent

form here. It is a compulsory consent form
that parents must sign at the beginning
of every school year.
Please speak to Joseph Lyons, Cecilia Gillott,
Fr Bart or email dulwichyouth@rcaos.org.uk
if you have any questions or would like to help. 

CCTV on the church premises

In order to keep our church open
during the day, we will need to improve
the security of the premises
We are planning to install three CCTV cameras
outside and one inside the church building.
These will meet the Diocesan guidelines.
Please speak to Fr Bart if you have any queries
or email the parish office.

Preparation for Confession

Confessions are heard in confessionals
on Wednesdays 19.00 – 20.00
and Saturdays 8.30 – 9.30
Links to Examinations of Conscience
you can find below:
Confession leaflet for adults
Confession leaflet for teens
Confession leaflet for children
Several versions of the examination of conscience

Permission to podcast / stream
the music and use of the liturgical texts
in this service obtained from
ONE LICENSE, License 738734-A.
All rights reserved.”

To find the full history
of live-streamed Masses click here.